Monday, January 01, 2007

New Years Day

Happpy New Year world!!! We dodged the bullet and missed out on the major part of the snow storm this weekend. Ended up with 2 1/2" of rain instead of all the snow some places recieved.
Still cutting squares and strips from scrap, goodness may never get all the scrap used up. Fun trying though.

This is a kitty challenge I finished a while back. A friend Shirley, who moved to Vegas, and I do a challenge every year. One year she buys a challenge fabric, the next I do. This was last years challenge. The kitty fabric was one I purchased in Paducah. Its always a fun project.

Warm enough today to melt off the ice on the streets and sidewalks, so should be a nice day tomorrow too. --back to cutting strips and squares

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Elaine Adair said...

Woo hoo -- that's some fabric - really cute though, and will make a fine kid's quilt!

I have you on Bloglines, -- your posts won't get by me now.

Darn, back to work tomorrow - I was kinda getting used to being a couch potato until 9:00!