Friday, January 12, 2007


Another cold day ---some wind with 8 degrees makes for a very chilly morning.

This is an iris quilt I did last year. The background of the iris is two layers of bridal net over the batting, then one layer of net over the applique . Yarn is looped across the strips and yarn is couched all around the binding. Gives a lot of dimension to the piece.

Good day to stay indoors today. Am working on a set of celtic designs and hope to have 12 by the time I am through designing. Then will eventually make a celtic applique quilt.

CQC did a celtic applique as a charity fund raiser one year. Since then I have wanted to design one and actually do the applique. Not sure if I will do hand or machine applique on it. The hand applique was gorgeous, but takes a long time to do. Machine looks OK and is certainly quicker. time will tell.

Think I will put a big pot of soup on to cook. Feels like soup weather, will toss stuff in the bread machine and have fresh bread with it. Yumm yumm.