Monday, December 29, 2008

I've been busy!!

The little angel will become a pin as soon as I make a trip to the craft store. She needs a halo and some flowers for her hands. I want to use a multi thread to make this, with maybe, gold running through it.
The silhouette is of a fairy sitting on the moon, I couldn't figure out what to use for wings that didn't completely obscure the figure. I finally used metallic gel pens and drew it over the figure. It worked, but-am not totally happy with it. Background is hand painted with air brush paint.
The last is for our art quilt challenge for February (yes, I actually have it done ahead of time!!!) Usually am working on things at the last minute. The flowers and leaves were first stenciled on with stencil paint, then when it was cured, I thread painted over them. The center is gold glitter. Background is painted fabric using the air brush paint. I am loving the air brush paint for fabrics. Its far less problem than most methods of putting color on fabric. Will be doing a workshop for our guild in April. We will use a friends garage so no one gets any stray paint in their home. Although this paint did come up off my kitchen counter when I accidentally dripped. Wiped away quickly it didn't cause a problem. Not sure what would happen if left to dry on a surface.

Friday, December 19, 2008


Didn't catch the typo before I hit send. its OF Course!! of course!! Merry Christmas to all and hope you have a safe journey if you travel over the holiday. Happy New Year to all too.

Finally something made

I finished the top for this batik quilt in the last couple days. I had this piece of orange batik in my stash for years (and years) Finally decided something had to be done with it, so found a piece of brown batik to go with it. The nine patch and snowball quilt is what is the result. The small piece is the leftovers from the snowball blocks, I double sewed the corners and have a bonus piece. OF COURCE, I ran out of the brown and had to send a quick SOS to Lea to send me another yard. Thank goodness I got right to it, or would not have had enough fabric. The large quilt will be bound with the brown as well as the small piece.
Now to get a few more pieces completed. Yeah right, thats going to happen soon. grin.
anyway enjoy the new pieces.
By the way the orange in the small piece is the same, just was closer to the flash.
ice,sleet and snow last night. A bit of ice, a couple inches of sleet and then about 5 - 6 inches of snow on top. Thank goodness there was not a lot of wind.

Saturday, December 13, 2008


Finally something to post. No whoopie biggie, but at least something.
I'm on the abstract Challenge list at Yahoo and rarely get anything done. Thought I had best participate or they would kick me off. grin. The theme was beginning and end. This is a piece of my hand painted fabric and I thought it reminded me of the beginning and end of a stream cutting a path through hills.
Ok so its a stretch---now back to some real stitching.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

no news

They say no news is good news, but---I am working on a throw size piece and hope to get a photo up in the next few days.
First snow/ice event--yuck I hate winter.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

project done

This is the finished leaves block from a couple weeks ago. I added thread painting to the crayon/inked leaves, then free form quilting in the center and on the border. I think it turned out OK, although I lost my path a few times while quilting. Hopefully am getting a bit better at it though. Now on to the next project, I'm on a roll!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

full block

This is the completed star candle mat. 4 hours of quilting in this. UGH, but I love it.


This is the red and cream version of the previous block. I have it completely quilted (12" and took 4 hours.) I forgot to add the complete quilted block so will make another post to include that one. The closeup shows the quilting on the 6" center of the block. What fun. Used the feather technique from Patsy Thompson DVD. If you are interested in seeing the DVD ad go to her web site. No affiliation just a happy customer.

I've actually been stitching a bit again. finally-- the heart block is for quilt guild --Each year the retiring president gets blocks. This is the official block. The green red and cream is for the Christmas block drawing. Was fun figuring out how to get a 12" block, also made another that will be posted later.

This is our rescued kitty, she was an outdoor kitty and wild as could be. When she was heavy with kittens I finally tamed her a bit. Then a few years ago we let her become an indoor kitty. I love her green eyes.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

3rd set

I really like the dimension in these two pieces too. What fun to play.
I used pfd fabric and air brush paint Createx brand. Squished into plastic containers from Dollar Store (15 for $1)

two more

Two more photo's, I love the blue/red/white one looks like mountain peaks to me.

new dyed pieces

Looks like blogspot will only add 2 pictures at a time this morning. Here are two of the new pieces. Love them. will try to upload more in different messages.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

first batch

Here is the first try using the air brush paints to dye fabric. I learned a bit and hope the ones "cooking" in the containers comes out as well. This time I tried for just mottled fabrics. the ones I am drying now are all mixed colors. They look like they will be good too, but we will see tomorrow.
this is lots easier than the dye powders and also is non toxic. Even some metallic paints, you can see the over lay in the pink fabric on the left.
Still cold and windy here, but at least the snow missed us this time.

Monday, November 03, 2008


Forgot to add this with the new block picture. This is patches, so named because her patterning reminds me of patches on a quilt. She is finally becoming a "lap cat". For the 3 years she has lived here she was very aloof. Now suddenly she has turned into a lap cat. When either of us sit down, she is immediately ready for some attention.
Ah these four legged friends--ha. She loves to sit on my sewing rocker on the "quilt afghan".

new experiment

Here is the first of experiments with crayon, color pencil, ink designs. After the leaves were completed, I then mixed some pigment ink and spritzed the background of the block plus the leaves.
I kind of like effect, however the next time I do this I will put paper over the designs and only spritz the background fabric. I think it was OK because the design was leaves so just looks like leaf spots, wouldn't work on anything else though.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Long time since last post

Whew, what can I say, the last month has been a blur. It started out with the Hancock Fabric retreat in September. Was a very fun weekend with lots accomplished. This was at Ashland at Camp Carol Joy Holling.

Accommodations have been remodeled so the rooms are a lot nicer than before, new beds too, which was good. We worked on a kaleidoscope quilt (which I do not have all the blocks done yet) Will show it when I get them done.
The first week of Oct was Threads across Nebraska in Grand Island. Spent two days helping at that. It was a good show with previous state fair winners being featured. Visited with lots of old friends.
The next week was DesMoines AQS show. We spent 4 days at the show. Plus hit some shops on the way to the show. Not sure that was a good thing, as there were lots of really neat "stuff" in the shops. I wasn't to bad though as I was hoping to find lots of new things at the vendors. The convention center in Des Moines was really nice. Plus it was only a block from our motel, so we didn't have to drive to the events. weather was great too.
This last week was our Calico Quilt Club retreat at Camp Moses Merrill by Linwood, NE. Its a beautiful spot. Way up on the bluffs overlooding the Platte River valley. WOW what a view. Lots of wild life around. Deer and turkeys are thick. We also took in the Fremont Quilt Guild show and stopped by Sarah Dillows estate sale. All in all a very fun weekend.
Now for a few pictures. Thought those would come up after the printing--oh well. The first picture is of the throw size quilt (no border yet) that I made from the jelly roll batik strips I won at the Hancock retreat. The on point is a block that I worked on while selling tickets at Threads. Did that as a demo while selling tickets. The third is the progressive I am doing with Shriley from Vegas. The last two are taken from our 7th floor window, across the Des Moines river into Des Moines. The domed building is the court house (capital building?) not sure which. One was in the morning and the other at night. Thought the lights were neat.
Between all that I was peeling pears!!!!! The tree had around 30 bushel on this year, so between putting them in the freezer and trying to give them away, it took a lot of my time. Hope to get back to more regular posts now. Enjoy

Saturday, September 13, 2008


This is my September Take it Further quiltlet. I happened to have lots of lists getting ready for a retreat this coming week. So there is to do lists, grocery lists packing lists, kitty lists etc.
I have the names of the lists quilted in the borders. Was a fun little project, I laid the lists on the scanner bed then laid a piece of batik behind them. Printed them onto fabric, bordered and then quilted.
Now to actually go and DO some of these lists.

Friday, September 12, 2008

new weaving

Hey how about that? Actually did another of the small weavings. This time I cut 1" strips instead of the inch and a half. Left the edges wider and trimmed after I did the weaving. I think I like this better. Or maybe its just because this is only 12" square that I like it better. I used silver glitter pen on the veins in the leaf. Its a sycamore leaf I begged from a neighbor. Leaves are just gorgeous, I picked and dried them. Next I want to try printing with the dried leaf. May or may not work. grin.
PS Do not do as I did--grabbed the wrong fusible and cut the strips with the "non sewable" fusible web. So this will not get any more quilting. Had planned to do the veins in silver metallic, but had to go to plan B when I realized I used the no sew fusible. grrrrr!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


My newest challenge piece. Theme was "balance". I thought of the balance beam in gymnastics. The background is done by weaving two fabrics together. the strips were cut at random in a wavy pattern. then woven into the background piece.
Plan to do more pieces using the woven background technique. I like the way it worked out.
Now on to the Sept challenge --lists--now there is a concept I should be able to come up with as I do have lists of things to do, grocery lists, bills lists, book lists, etc. stay tuned!

Sunday, September 07, 2008


Whew, hadn't realized it was so long since my last post. Life got in the way last month, but hopefully I am back on track again. The last two blocks on the personal progressive are here, bees and birdhouse. only problem is on Wed the new theme comes out. Sigh, may never catch up.
Its getting really chilly in the mornings now, down to about 45 degrees. Really early for this chilly. birds are flocking and monarch butterflies migrated through really early.
Garden is done and just pear tree is left for preserving. Hope it doesn't freeze before they finish ripening. Will try to be back sooner this time.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Calla Lilies

The lily block is my "half way mark" I just realized I am about half way through this project. These are painted lilies and I need to thread paint them to finish. So half way through the project. this was my class at state. It was taught by Annette Kennedy from Colorado. Thanks Annette for a wonderful class. I enjoyed every minute of it and it gave me a new skill to use on applique quilts.
The basket of flowers was my auction piece for the state guild meeting this last week. It sold for $60 to the lady who was my class assistant. Thanks Gaye for purchasing my quilt.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Another thing off my list. My drawing block for state meeting. as you can see it has been inspected and approved by my four legged "quilt inspector" Patches approves. ha.

New piece

I bought the fabrics for this piece at Vivians sale. I made dimensional petals, glued them onto the heart wreath then added a dab of jewel glue to the centers of the flowers and poured beads into the glue. Let it dry and now I have a cute dimensional piece. The background was quilted in tiny heart shapes before the flowers were glued on. what fun!

Another purchase

bought this at Vivians "quilters garage sale" also. I have always thought this was really a neat piece too. Besides I now have two things for keepsakes now.

Its working!!

I bought this small quilt from my dear friend Vivian. She is moving to Minnesota and was downsizing her "stash" and "stuff". I always thought this was the cutest little quilt. with the sunbonnet girls in "stripes".


Looks like blogger is having a problem with photos so will try again later.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Painted Batting

I just finished this little fun piece. It is done with painted cotton batting. I cut some squares of batting, painted them with diluted setacolor paint. Let it dry overnight, then cut into smaller squares. Stitched the center squares over the larger squares, then did some zig zag stitches to join the batting squares together.
I then quilted the circles on top of the joinings and around the edges. Added beads to the center block.
Layered with a backing and a batting and stitched around the outside edges, turned and it was done.
I can see some possibilities of adding the painted batting into landscapes and putting dimension on some pieces in the future.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Play day

I spent the afternoon playing. This mornings mail brought the season 2 of Quilting Arts programs. WOW. I have so many new things to try I can't believe it. This is a small piece I did using some of the techniques on the programs. I quilted a free form feather on a deep green fabric. Light green on back. First photo is the back and pretty well shows the feather design. Photo 2 shows the front where I did the quilting, then took copper metallic paint and with a brayer, rolled the metallic over the quilted surface. The photo really doesn't show the effect very well but the close up kind of shows what happened when the copper was rolled over the quilting.
For the edge I did zig zag over the raw edge. Then stitched a fuzzy yarn over the zig zag. I really like the effect that has.
The free form feathers was my first attempt at using a new method of making feathers.
There are several other techniques I want to try sometime soon.

Friday, July 04, 2008


Happy Fourth of July!!! Lots of firecrackers going off around here today. Poor kitties just go and hide all day. They will come out once all the kids go to bed. ha.
Didn't get to stitch anything fun today. Did sew a pair of curtains for DS#2 's garage window today. Doesn't that sound exciting? But he wanted something to cover the window so no one could look in. Less temptation that way.
Quilt show registrations are due on Tuesday so will have to get that done. may get some more stitching done this next week as it is to get hot. Hasn't been hot yet this year, only ran the air about 3 times so far. Usually we turn it on in May and do not turn it off until fall.
Pictures when I get something accomplished.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Personal progressive

Yea I am caught up. PP for May was "bird" so did a thread painted bird. PP for June was tree. The tree is fused trunk and leaves, then leaves are thread painted over the top of the fused greenery.
I do believe this catches me up with my challenges etc. And even some days to spare before the next challenges come out.

TIF June

Finding fabric to match the color bar was the hardest thing about this month's challenge. Three road trips to find the colors.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Word Challenges

The first word was "signs" so I found a Burma Shave sign and printed it onto fabric and framed it.
The second is "invisible" so it is called invisible ancestors. The foreground heads are under one layer of net with thread painting for the lace around the necks of the ladies. The "ancestors " are tone on tone in the background and have 3 layers of net over them. Now only one more challenge to go this month and it is in progress. Was fun projects though.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Fund raising quilt block

Finished the stitching on the last fund raiser quilt block that I have. I think we have them all stitched now. Only border left before we assemble the quilt top and get it quilted. Whew, will make the December deadline for having it completed.
Now to finish last months chooseday challenge. Its ready to stitch, but just haven't had time to do it. Next months word is invisible, have an idea, will see how to get the time to complete it.