Monday, July 28, 2008

Calla Lilies

The lily block is my "half way mark" I just realized I am about half way through this project. These are painted lilies and I need to thread paint them to finish. So half way through the project. this was my class at state. It was taught by Annette Kennedy from Colorado. Thanks Annette for a wonderful class. I enjoyed every minute of it and it gave me a new skill to use on applique quilts.
The basket of flowers was my auction piece for the state guild meeting this last week. It sold for $60 to the lady who was my class assistant. Thanks Gaye for purchasing my quilt.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008


Another thing off my list. My drawing block for state meeting. as you can see it has been inspected and approved by my four legged "quilt inspector" Patches approves. ha.

New piece

I bought the fabrics for this piece at Vivians sale. I made dimensional petals, glued them onto the heart wreath then added a dab of jewel glue to the centers of the flowers and poured beads into the glue. Let it dry and now I have a cute dimensional piece. The background was quilted in tiny heart shapes before the flowers were glued on. what fun!

Another purchase

bought this at Vivians "quilters garage sale" also. I have always thought this was really a neat piece too. Besides I now have two things for keepsakes now.

Its working!!

I bought this small quilt from my dear friend Vivian. She is moving to Minnesota and was downsizing her "stash" and "stuff". I always thought this was the cutest little quilt. with the sunbonnet girls in "stripes".


Looks like blogger is having a problem with photos so will try again later.

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Painted Batting

I just finished this little fun piece. It is done with painted cotton batting. I cut some squares of batting, painted them with diluted setacolor paint. Let it dry overnight, then cut into smaller squares. Stitched the center squares over the larger squares, then did some zig zag stitches to join the batting squares together.
I then quilted the circles on top of the joinings and around the edges. Added beads to the center block.
Layered with a backing and a batting and stitched around the outside edges, turned and it was done.
I can see some possibilities of adding the painted batting into landscapes and putting dimension on some pieces in the future.

Saturday, July 05, 2008

Play day

I spent the afternoon playing. This mornings mail brought the season 2 of Quilting Arts programs. WOW. I have so many new things to try I can't believe it. This is a small piece I did using some of the techniques on the programs. I quilted a free form feather on a deep green fabric. Light green on back. First photo is the back and pretty well shows the feather design. Photo 2 shows the front where I did the quilting, then took copper metallic paint and with a brayer, rolled the metallic over the quilted surface. The photo really doesn't show the effect very well but the close up kind of shows what happened when the copper was rolled over the quilting.
For the edge I did zig zag over the raw edge. Then stitched a fuzzy yarn over the zig zag. I really like the effect that has.
The free form feathers was my first attempt at using a new method of making feathers.
There are several other techniques I want to try sometime soon.

Friday, July 04, 2008


Happy Fourth of July!!! Lots of firecrackers going off around here today. Poor kitties just go and hide all day. They will come out once all the kids go to bed. ha.
Didn't get to stitch anything fun today. Did sew a pair of curtains for DS#2 's garage window today. Doesn't that sound exciting? But he wanted something to cover the window so no one could look in. Less temptation that way.
Quilt show registrations are due on Tuesday so will have to get that done. may get some more stitching done this next week as it is to get hot. Hasn't been hot yet this year, only ran the air about 3 times so far. Usually we turn it on in May and do not turn it off until fall.
Pictures when I get something accomplished.