Thursday, July 28, 2016

 Another small inked quilt.
Star from a class given by Shelly B.    Was a fun time designing our own star blocks.

Hope all going to NSQG convention this weekend have a ball.     Looking forward to seeing all the things learned in the classes etc.    Only the second time in 30+ years I will have to miss.     have fun everyone.   

Tuesday, July 26, 2016

Beautiful day here.    mild temp and low humidity.   
 Hearts zentangle type small piece
 Turkey,   saw a picture of something similar to this in a magazine thought I could draw it but it didn't come out quite as good as I thought.
Another piece done after last years state convention class.   What fun.  this could get addictive.

Monday, July 25, 2016

Pleasant today.   Not so hot and not so humid.    good day for tending some things in the garden that did not get accomplished when it was so hot.    
 CPQG retreat challenge for 2015.    I actually received 1st place.    Was a fun challenge.   
Wall piece of a tree.    Lots of bead work fringe on the bottom.    a fun project to do.  
No stitching today as green beans needed picked.  

Sunday, July 24, 2016

Relief from the heat.    Cooler day with lower humidity.   Makes me want to quilt.   grin.
Sewing on an UFO.    Have a top from a class that needs to have stitching on the pieces. 
So spent time today sewing.   
 This one is from a kit that I won at the convention last year.     a fun piece to do.    Leaves are applique.    Stitched around with buttonhole stitch.
Kit baby quilt.    I bought this kit at a garage sale.    The blocks were mostly embroidered, but I had to finish most of the french knots and two of the blocks.     Someone was selling their excess fabric and kits that were started and not completed.    Still have a couple to go.    Ended up being a fun project.  I probably would not have purchased the kit but when most of the stitching was already finished could not resist.    

Friday, July 22, 2016

Another hot and humid day with not a breeze blowing.    Mosquito's are out in full force but DS came over and sprayed the foliage with some mosquito stuff.     Now I can at least go out on the porch and not be in fear of being carried away.     
     Had to do a trip to store in all the heat.     But ice in the cooler kept perishables from cooking on the way home.
 This is the picture DS brought me from Hawaii.     Had to really chuckle as he said he was looking at Hawaiian wall quilts, but decided not to get one as the stitching would not have been good.    Evidently the quilting was pretty large stitches and he thought I could make one nicer.    Bless his heart he does pay attention to the quilting.    grin
A wall quilt with appliques.    Trying to use up some fabric and thought this would be bright and
good for a spring wall quilt.    
Hopefully tonight will not bring a storm as there are warnings in the area.    We do need rain but do not need storm.     Last storm we had tree on our garage.    Stay cool everyone.   

Thursday, July 21, 2016

Oh my goodness another HOT HOT day.    Walked outdoors this morning and it felt like opening an oven.     So guess I will stay in and sew.     Will share a couple more of my projects and hope they are enjoyed.  
 This technique was "interesting"    you sew small tucks across to make the picture look like its rippled.   Probably will not do this again.
This is my attempt at a deer in the moonlight.    Its ok but was a learning exercise.    enjoy.

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Another hot hot day here.     Here is a little owl using hexagons.    Saw a picture of this and sat down to figure out how to make it.    Its ok.   makes me want to play with hexagons again. 
The second is a small zentangle using lots of color pens to decorate the drawings.    What fun this is.