Sunday, January 07, 2007

Name tags

The nametags are DONE!!! I had to make 30 nametags for our CPQG retreat next month. theme is Aloha!. Now they can sign their names in the "sand". I hope they like them. The tree is fused and then thread painted over the top. Extra stitching was added to secure all the pieces.

Tried something different, used pellon 70 inside the tags. Fused computer paper to a layer of fabric for the backs (gives some stability to stitch the pins onto) Then fused that to the pellon. Stitched around to secure all the layers.

I think the water and sand and sky all turned out pretty well. Found just the right fabrics to use. Water even looks like waves.

Now if the rest of the retreat plans go as smoothly as the name tags, we will be in business.

Had another very windy day today. Brrrr hate the north winds.

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Sue said...

Your name tags are great- perfct for an "Aloha" theme. Thanks for the tip on fusing computer paper to fabric.