Saturday, April 21, 2007


Have had a wild week again. Got very little stitching time in. These blocks are an experiment.
I have a box of 6" squares so stitched 4 patches with them. Cut two cuts across the 4 patch vertically. Cut through the squares twice at an angle, then stitched a fan blade shape in the cuts.
Cut the squares twice in the horizontal direction and stitched fan blade shapes into the cuts. Squared the whole up to 12 1/2" and came out with some kind of wonky scrappy patches. May play with this some more to see what I can develop. Idea was sparked by the buggy barn star we did at club a few weeks ago.

Windy here today. Forecast for some possible heavy storms overnight. Hope that doesn't happen. Next week will be busy too so hope to get back to this sometime during the week.

Friday, April 13, 2007

oops again

Site is had a typo in the last post.

oops forgot something

This is the Drunkards Flowers quilt that I made. The class for this will be online beginning in May. Go to for details on how to join the class. This is the 3" square size in the background and makes a throw size quilt, there are also directions for a wall size version using 2" squares for the background.

If you have never looked into classes at quilt university, do so as there are new classes starting all the time. There is also a sample class you can take that shows you how the site works.

This was a really fun quilt to do. The circles are appliqued by machine, so no tedious piecing etc. Floral is fusible with stitching around to fasten down.

Two table mats completed

Finished two table mats for the silent auction. The sides on these are 8" and 9", the candle mats from yesterday are 6" on each of the 8 sides. These are really fun to make.

Have a class in Cedar Rapids tomorrow, so should be a fun day.
Think the weather is to miss us, will be south of us. Feel for all those in the path of the snow, its late for storms like this.

Thursday, April 12, 2007

something accomplished

Accomplished something today. Finished these two candle mats for the silent Auction at CPQG next Monday evening. These are fairly easy to do, just take a bit of time to get them organized.

Quilt club was Tuesday. At applique club we are all working on a wall piece. regular meeting in afternoon had lots of neat show and tell. Seems everyone has been busy the last month.

Rain yesterday with some snow flurries. Supposed to rain and maybe snow again tomorrow. Wish spring would finally get here. Where or where is the global warming when we need it????

Sunday, April 08, 2007


Easter turned out to be a fairly decent day after a week of cold and wind. The sun actually came up and it got above freezing fairly early. No wind meant it warmed a bit too.

Rick had us over for dinner. Nice not to have to cook. I did make an apple pie and a salad though. He had roast with all the fixins. Yummy. Now I need a nap.

This is a red picture post card I made a while back. put black fuzzy yarn around the edges and added some quilting on it.

Its also our 40th anniversary. Goodness do not know where all those years went. H is retired for over 7 years now. Don't know where those 7 went either. Had planned to go out to eat yesterday but it was so cold and ugly out, said I would rather wait till it got nice, so plan to do it soon.

Had computer problems all week so couldn't post anything. Was gone Tues and Wed, then spent several hours on the phone with Dell tech trying to fix the problem, thought it was fixed and next day didn't work again. After another two hours on the phone with Dell I think it is now running OK again. So it goes.

Monday, April 02, 2007

Celtic 1

Yea, finished block #1 of the celtic designs that I drew on St. Patricks day. I have 52 designs on paper, and now have one done. The underlay fabric is one I bought in Paducah a couple years ago and never found a place for. The bias is from a Kona cotton that I found about a week ago. Was looking for something to set off the Paducah fabric.

This took around 7 hours to stitch down after I had basted the underlays in place and basted the bias in place. All total would guess about 10 hours from start to finish.

Sunday, April 01, 2007

Productive week

I've been busy this week, The bright star quilt was a workshop we had at our quilt guild on Tuesday. I finished it on Friday (the top that is) The small star is a sample of the quilts the gal who makes the miniatures does. This is about 12" all over size of the quilt, pieces are about 1/2" each. This is the person who will get all the small scraps that we collected from the trash.

My spool top is together also, as is the mat. I want to add some more quilting to the mat and will use it for a silent auction piece for our guild fund raiser. Will be making more of these.

Today I stitched on my celtic block, these will be hand done so will take a lot longer to complete. Will put up the picture as soon as I get the blocks done. I'm guessing about another 3 - 4 hours on the one I am working on.

Now back to stitching.