Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Flapper

This is called The Flapper. I found this design on an iron railing down in Oklahoma. Took a picture and then worked this design up using that as inspiration. It traveled in the Hoffman Challenge show for a year.

Haven't gotten time to write anything here for a while. Last week was busy, had to check out Country Traditions new shop in Fremont. Its nice, large and will have nice classrooms when they get finished.

Aurora quilt show was good, as usual. We went down on Saturday to see the quilts. Bought a few tickets on their small raffle items and won a kitty kit. So made that trip even nicer because I will have a memory quilt. Checked out the Picket Fence quilt shop in Aurora. Then on to York to the quilt shop and had lunch at Chances R. Thats always good.

Shirley is back from Nevada for a visit. Monday we had a visit day, Tuesday was quilt guild workday and today Shirley and I went to see Material Girls new shop. WOW, I love it. If you haven't gotten to see it yet, be sure to make the trip. Lots of samples that are well lit, lots of space to browse the fabrics, books, patterns , etc. etc. They are hanging our raffle quilt for a couple weeks.

So did not have much time to devote to the blog. Hopefully will find a bit more time this coming week.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Something accomplished again

Finally something accomplished. I got the idea for these silhouettes from a Dover book I purchased at the IMQA quilt show in Kansas.

If anyone doesn't know about Dover books, they are copyright free books that you can purchase for use in crafts and arts projects. Some have a maximum of the designs you can use free in one project or publication. so read the notice in front page of each book, as the number varies from book to book.

I'm thinking of working up a class to offer at next years state convention. Any suggestions or comments would be appreciated on this.

The silhouette is cut from Kona cotton that has fusible web (the pattern is drawn on the paper side of the web) pressed to it. Then cut, peeled and fused to background, then a layer of black toule (spelling?) is put over the top, the piping sewn on and border added. If any of the cut areas on the design fray a bit, use fray check on a toothpick and smooth the cut area.

I may use this as my auction piece instead of the flowers I did earlier. I think I like this better.

Light color batiks make wonderful backgrounds. Next I want to try them on some hand dyes. Have a feeling this could become addicting.

Sunday, June 10, 2007

IMQA show

Thought this might give other groups an idea. When our club lost its first member, we decided to have a quilt that would be a memorial to all current members. The names are inscribed when a member passes away. It hangs at out quilt shows each year.

Went to the IMQA show in Overland Park, KS this past week, what a wonderful experience. Lots of quilts to see and lectures to listen to, vendors to shop and just an all around good time.

Had a great visit with Sue and Cathy, so good to see them again. We usually only get together at Quilt Nebraska each summer. This year will get to visit at least 3 times. QNE and then the Tims seminar.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Omaha Show

Found one quilt at the show with exquisite quilting. The varigated threads were just great, Unfortunately lost my note with the name of the quilter. You will get an idea of what was done from the pictures. Saw lots of neat quilts, vendors were great and had a visit with June (Vogies) who I haven't seen in ages and ages. Was good to visit again.

Will leave tomorrow for Overland Park KS for the Machine quilters convention. Should come home with lots of new ideas. Its a huge gathering of all machine quilters. Will stay with Sue again, she so graciously opens her home to us "quilters from the North". Always so good to visit with Sue, Cathy and all our other new friends from Kansas.

Will get home late on Saturday, so hope to have loads of new ideas and "toys" to play with.