Monday, February 25, 2008

Block 8, 9, 10, 11 and 12

Ok --would you believe they are all up on the wall? They all have seams turned and now are liquid stitched to the backgrounds and ready for the actual machine applique to be done. I couldn't stop until I had them all in place and ready to stitch.
Next step the stitching, then deciding how to put the blocks together and if they need border. I am thinking they will need borders, but will see once all the stitching is done. Now off to bed. I deserve a good nights sleep.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Las Vegas challenge

Hi Shirley, here it is the fabric challenge. I just love the through the window look and thought this fabric was ideal for that. Anyway, looking forward to the challenge for next year.
FYI Shirley and I have done a challenge every year since she moved to Vegas. One year I buy fabric and send to her and the next she buys fabric and sends to me. Then we each make a wall piece using the fabric. What fun way to keep in touch with a dear friend.


Block 7 is up on the wall. All those little pieces!!! Kept me working lots longer than I anticipated. But its up on the wall and Block 8 is ready to work on.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

block 5 and 6

Block 5 and 6 are on the wall. Sorry the 6 block is a little off, but it was late when I completed it. Will work on 7 later today. What fun seeing it come together on the wall.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

block #4

Yea, block 4 is up. Now to work on Block 5 while the weather is so crumby. 16 degrees and dropping plus strong wind and snow flurries. Where the heck is all that global warming the news media is always hollering about? Humm don't hear much about it these days when we are freezing our tails off--wonder why? Anyway off to work on block 5

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

block #3

Block #3 is up on the wall --I think I am liking this quilt already. 9 more blocks to go. The flower pot is one of my hand dyes. I really need to make some more hand dyes as my supply is running low, however I do not like mixing dyes in the house, so will have to do that when the weather warms and I can do it out on the porch.
Stay tuned for block #4 coming soon.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

home again

Block #1 and #2 are done. Yea. Started an applique quilt a few days ago, Have all 12 blocks cut out and the pieces ready to glue to fabric. I'm using Stable Stuff for the inside of the blocks and liquid stitch to position the pieces onto the backgrounds. Its working great so now hope to get the rest done in the next month or so. Some blocks have 70 plus small pieces to work, so will take a while. I'm working on #3 and will put it up when I have it finished. This is really fun.
Norfolk retreat was this weekend. What fun. We had to have it at a different venue this year as the place we usually go was being remodeled. So it goes. We were at Divots Golf Course. Nice place but not quite as handy as before. Completely spaced off taking my camera so I didn't get any pictures of the neat stuff people were doing. We had two working on Dear Jane blocks. Oh my goodness, I am glad I didn't start that one. Would take me a lifetime to do all those tiny blocks. The blocks were really neat though and I give them credit for having the nerve to do this quilt. Lots of bright colors this year. and lots of projects completed.
Had best go start unpacking. Will post pictures as I get blocks done.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

door decoration

Yea, door decoration for retreat is done. The theme is "
Wine, Women and Song. So, I found this fabric that has ladies going in all directions. Made a wine glass from two layers of fine net and some red fabric for the wine, fused it in place. Wrote Wine women and Song and my name in purple letters, fused in place then added a CD which I painted bronze, then wrote the theme on it with permanent marker and fastened it to the bottom corner of the piece. So am ready for retreat.
Still have to pack my suitcase, but have all my project stuff ready to go. Plan to work on an applique piece at retreat. We will be at the golf course this year, so will be different venue. Usually we are at a Monastery . Will be quite a change. ha. They probably have the wine and song!!
Turned nice today after yesterdays blizzard. Will take the blizzard though as the other side of the front had devastating tornado's. Scary . Heard from the people I know in the storm area and they were ok.

Friday, February 01, 2008

February challenge

The Feb challenge is up. color swatches are a deep colonial blue/ gold/ cream and two shades of egg carton blue. (OK a light and med light blue-but to me its egg carton blue) The theme is What do you remember? A light bulb went off when I read that and now have to figure a way to use the idea in a small piece. I'm thinking maybe trying to do something with photo transfer, but we will see if I can come up with anything.
Next week will be quilt retreat, so will not get anything worked out beyond a sketch or two. Have some more stable stuff appliqué planned for retreat. Wish me luck and that we do not get a snow storm and have to stay home. (That happened last year)