Friday, January 04, 2008

Small quilt

Did this small quilt top yesterday afternoon. Heard about a one seam flying geese, so had to try it out. This is done with two 3" squares of background and 1 -3" x 5- 1/2" rectangle. Fold the rectangle (right side out) and press. Lay the first square (right side up) line raw edge of folded rectangle with raw edge of square. Lay second square (right side down) on top of the folded rectangle. There should be about a 1/4" space between the fold and the edge of the block. Sew down one side of the stack Be sure it is on a side that the fold will be stitched into the seam.
Unfold and take the folded piece and pull the edges down to make the flying geese. The corners should pull down to the edge of the squares. Press in place. You should now have a dimensional flying geese block. Hope that made sense. Just be sure to sew along one edge of the folded rectangle so that it catches the fold and one long edge in that seam.

Now want to figure out if I can make other sizes.

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