Wednesday, January 02, 2008


2008--oh my goodness how did it get to be 2008 already. Seems like a couple months ago we were worrying about Y2K.

I did get the sunset fabric picture finished. Shirley H sent me the fabric from Nevada. For Christmas--and along with this some out of this world chocolates. They have the factory near them, so always look hopefully forward to getting a box from her. grin. Love the sunset on the desert fabric. Knew when I opened the box thats what I wanted to do with it. thank you Shirley!!!!

The mask quilt is for the Chooseday Challenge List on Yahoo. Each month we will get a word to make something that represents that word to us. When I read Mask, I immediately thought of Mardi Gras. DS#2 had gone a few years ago and was telling me about some of the masks that people wore in the parades. So I knew thats what I wanted to do. May still add a few more beads, but didn't have the right size on hand so will have to wait for that till I go shopping again.

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