Saturday, January 26, 2008

New piece

This is the new piece using the stable stuff inside the pattern pieces. I do not have this quilted yet, but haven't decided if I will do thread work over some of the pieces, or just quilt around each piece. The flower is done with the reverse side of the border fabric. I really liked the subtle coloration on the back of this fabric. The gold running through the front side, I thought, detracted from the fabric when used as flower pieces, so used it as border. Now I need to decide what to do to quilt it. What fun playing with fabric.

The rose pattern came from a class by Kandi Paige Gallup.


Jacqui said...

I must confess I am not crazy about crazy patchwork but these flowers are beautiful, I would most definitely enjoy these on my wall.

purplepaint said...

Jo - I love your quilts! If you want to go have a look at my blogger I have some quilts and some fabric atcs and itty bitties etc. I have a lot of fun with doing things besides quilts. :) Marva