Thursday, January 24, 2008

new project

Yea, it works great. I tried the stable stuff by Ricky Tims in this applique. It really works great. Keeps the applique pieces fairly stiff while doing the applique and dissolves when washed. I can see many uses for this --You can see some of the quilting in the closeup. Finishes about 24" square.
It was -15F this morning. brrrr Its now 10:30 AM and is still -8F. Unbelievable that they are saying 45F+ in a few days. But its Nebraska, wait 5 minutes and the weather will change.


Andee said...

The colors in this are gorgeous...very pretty block!

freebird said...

Very pretty. It looks like the fabric did stay in place for the stitching. Sounds like a good product.

I lived in Minnesota for a few years. I think I like it here in Arizona better even though I really don't like the occasional rattlesnake or scorpion.