Monday, December 29, 2008

I've been busy!!

The little angel will become a pin as soon as I make a trip to the craft store. She needs a halo and some flowers for her hands. I want to use a multi thread to make this, with maybe, gold running through it.
The silhouette is of a fairy sitting on the moon, I couldn't figure out what to use for wings that didn't completely obscure the figure. I finally used metallic gel pens and drew it over the figure. It worked, but-am not totally happy with it. Background is hand painted with air brush paint.
The last is for our art quilt challenge for February (yes, I actually have it done ahead of time!!!) Usually am working on things at the last minute. The flowers and leaves were first stenciled on with stencil paint, then when it was cured, I thread painted over them. The center is gold glitter. Background is painted fabric using the air brush paint. I am loving the air brush paint for fabrics. Its far less problem than most methods of putting color on fabric. Will be doing a workshop for our guild in April. We will use a friends garage so no one gets any stray paint in their home. Although this paint did come up off my kitchen counter when I accidentally dripped. Wiped away quickly it didn't cause a problem. Not sure what would happen if left to dry on a surface.


Flicsha said...

Hi Joan, I like your new things. You could have used met. thread and stitched the wings. I know met. thread can be hard to use because of it snaping so much. Flicsha

Elaine Adair said...

Wow girl - you come up with neat things! I love that angel. But the fairy is cool, as is the flowers. I need to keep checking out your ideas. Funny, each time I make something new and different, it DOES take me on a journey. Now I understand that word, "Journey."

How do you keep your variety of 'stuff' organized? That seems my big bugaboo - my space is limited but all those little items don't take up much space. Even though I'm somewhat organized, I just don't know how to store them and find them later.