Saturday, July 05, 2008

Play day

I spent the afternoon playing. This mornings mail brought the season 2 of Quilting Arts programs. WOW. I have so many new things to try I can't believe it. This is a small piece I did using some of the techniques on the programs. I quilted a free form feather on a deep green fabric. Light green on back. First photo is the back and pretty well shows the feather design. Photo 2 shows the front where I did the quilting, then took copper metallic paint and with a brayer, rolled the metallic over the quilted surface. The photo really doesn't show the effect very well but the close up kind of shows what happened when the copper was rolled over the quilting.
For the edge I did zig zag over the raw edge. Then stitched a fuzzy yarn over the zig zag. I really like the effect that has.
The free form feathers was my first attempt at using a new method of making feathers.
There are several other techniques I want to try sometime soon.


Elaine Adair said...

"Copper metallic paint and a brayer"? huh? How do you come up with these ideas? 99.99% of us would have been thrilled with the MQ feather, and you BAM it up another notch!

I'm writing these down, for when I might need an idea ...

Jo said...

The directions were on the Quilting Arts program CD that I ordered a while back. There are lots of other ideas on there I want to try also. Now to find the time to do them.
I really was having a panic time when I put the paint on at first. I made sure to roll the brayer pretty dry and then work in layers of metallic paint. I know I will use that again, maybe with silver metallic next time. I like the copper color, but it didn't make quite the effect I was going for.

Flicsha said...

It's so much fun to play and try new things. I love your feathers. When I painted batting All the paint leached to the back . So I just flipped it over and used the back. Flicsha