Sunday, February 25, 2007

Snow missed us

Yea, the snow missed us, not quite sure how it did, but there was a small area that seemed to be in the eye of the storm all day yesterday. By the weather map we were missed by just a few miles on all sides. All total I would say we had under an inch of snow and little if any ice. Whoopie, no snow to scoop.

Spent the day yesterday designing some celtic applique blocks. I think the count is 24 right now. Most, I think, will work up well with one or two colors of bias plus some fabric inlays on some of the pieces. Now to find time to actually do some of these blocks.

Here are some of my button bracelets. Have done some of these for gifts for friends and of course some for myself. Its a neat way to use up old buttons. Some small beads are added at the tops of some buttons, and some along the edges to fill in if there is a space left by some of the buttons. Just a fun thing to do on a rainy day.


Elaine Adair said...

Now those bracelets are way coooool!

Glad the snow missed you -- here also, after we brought in a mountain of wood, bought groceries, trips to 2 quilt shops, thinking I would be snowbound! (Any excuse).

Finished up one quilt this weekend though, so I feel good, cleaned the oven, washed walls in a bathroom. Not bad for this old gal.

Happy continued quilting/and related tasks.

Sue said...


Sue said...

The bracelets are really neat! I like your various colors. Thanks for showing the pictures of them.

I hope you can avoid this recent snow. We are getting pounded, but it is very pretty.