Wednesday, February 21, 2007

more fun stuff

Norfolk guild has had a progressive quilt project. I paper cut the center design for this and appliqued it on this wild print. The next person had to add the triangles to put the block on point. Next round was using half square triangles in a border, next person put the top and left borders on, and finally the left and bottom borders were added. I recieved mine back at the meeting Monday night, now have to think how to quilt it.

The black and white is from Shirley (my friend in Vegas) challenge fabric. She found this japanese print. I put it together using slices of the fabric with a black on black fabric. I kind of like the way it turned out. Lots of fun doing this. Now its my turn to find fabric for next years challenge.

Weather finally turned warm, most of the snow is gone, however the weather report is for a snow storm again this weekend. UGH!! Oh well spring cannot be to far away as its nearly March.

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