Wednesday, February 21, 2007

nursing home quilts

Calico Quilt club is making lap quilts for a local nursing home. We hope to have enough to give everyone a new lap quilt. These are the ones I made so far. Its a fun project and uses up lots of scrap batting as well as fabrics. To start you cut a 2 pieces 6" x 18" for the center panels, plus a 6" x 18" piece of cotton batting. Sandwich all three of these layers with fabrics right side out on both sides of the batting. Stitch around the edge, Next step is to cut 4 more pieces 6" x 18", Plus 2 batting the same size. Lay one fabric right sides together to one side of the piece just stitched around. lay the second fabric right sides together on the back side of the center panel. Lay batting on top of last piece and sew the seam. Unfold layers to enclose batting between the two pieces of fabric. Repeat for second side of center. Then measure across the ends just stitched and make pieces for both sides plus batting and stitch to top and bottom of piece just completed. (sandwich the fabrics as described above.) Repeat at opposite sides until you have 3 rows. Then bind, I still need to add a row of decorative stitches down the center of each 6" piece. Makes wonderful throw size quilts for nursing homes.

One of the ladies made a backing the size needed, put a batting on top and sewed strips, full length to cover the batting. Sew and flip style. This too turned out great. I still have to try one like that.

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