Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Back into the deep freeze!!

Had some warm weather for a few hours today. It went all the way to 44 degrees for a couple hours. Now its below freezing again. On its way to about 9 degrees tonight with some snow predicted for tomorrow and Thursday. Supposed to be just cold for retreat this weekend, but snow flurries by Sunday afternoon. But its Feb. in Nebraska so what do we think it should be? Where in the heck is all the "global warming" those idiots keep blowing about???? I could sure use some of it.

A couple days ago someone asked me what a progressive quilt was. This is the progressive my group did for the state meeting in North Platte a couple years ago. The theme was the WWII canteens, so I began with the platform and bulding . The others in the group added the track signs, the produce waiting for the train, the ladies waiting to serve the guys, the border doesn't show up very well on this picture but gives you an idea of what a progressive quilt is. The owner makes a center then the others add according to a set of directions. What fun. Am in another progressive with the Norfolk group right now and should get mine back at the Feb meeting. Will share it when it comes home.

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Elaine Adair said...

Good morning JO. It's slickery slippery than glass this AM. Slid in my car 50 ft, right across Main Street (no traffic fortunately), and almost slid on my kiester (sp?) in front of the Post Office. If I didn't die in traffic, I will have a heart attack with this glazed ice condition.

I am looking at your site with Bloglines and note you only have one subscriber. Not sure if you want more subscribers, or more comments, so you can poke me if you don't, but .... if you want more, and more comments, I guarantee if you peek around and leave commments on other blogs, they will start to come by and leave them for you. (See how I butt into other people's business? ) 8-))) It sure makes the time you spend writing new blogs and posting more photos more rewarding

Bloglines was a complete mystery to me, but simple to subscribe to. It lists all the 'new' posts, so you don't have to search for them each time. A great time-saver, but to leave a comment you then click into their page (in my browser).