Saturday, February 03, 2007

Road Trip

What a great day, Marie, Vivian, Viola and I went to Grand Island to the Stuhr Museum annual quilt event. Lots of neat quilts from all over the state were hung around the museum. + 18 venders from across the state and out of state were there with their wares. Oh the temptations of all that fabric, notions, books, patterns etc. I only bought some thread and one book, so consider I made it out of there pretty lucky. Only problem is the book is written in French and I do not read French, however the photo's are pretty self explanitory. Some new things to try.

Marie and I signed up to venture to the Hancock Retreat the 1st, 2nd and 3rd of March. Should be a fun time. Just hope its not a blizzard or ice. Bad time of year to make plans in Nebraska.

We shopped JoAnns fabric, Material Girl quilt shop and the Mall in addition to the shops at the museum.

Was a bit chilly when I left this AM. A bit below 0 degrees with quite a bit of breeze, so know the wind chill was way down below the 0 degree mark. But Maries car was nice and warm, so stayed cozy all the way.

The small wall piece is called Ice Crystals. Its a take off on a hawaiian design with drunkards path borders.
The second is a memory quilt. I called it Gails Eternal Flame in memory of my friend Gail who passed away a couple years ago. I had designed this quilt, she liked the design and planned to stitch it for me, but passed before she could make it, so I made it and named it in her memory..

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Elaine Adair said...

Hi Jo:

Love those blue quilts - especially that border on the second one. Is that a drawing or a real one. I can't quite tell.

I've been thinking about the Stuhr Museum show - have carried the date n our newsletter for some months - fat chanace that I would ever actually get there! Oh well, I hit Pat's Creative Stitchery on her big sale, and dropped $129.00. That should hold me until our annual Guild bus trip. (smiling happily here!)