Friday, September 15, 2006


No time to stitch the last days. The pear tree has bushels of pears on it and I am peeling and freezing pears. Takes a bit of time and effort to keep up.

Did get the fund raiser quilt to Gloria to stitch down the appliques. When she is done we will baste it and I will quilt it. Hope it turns out like we planned it

Elderly neighbor fell and broke her leg a couple days ago. Luckily someone saw her and called 911. Rescue was there within a couple minutes and they had her packaged and on the way to hospital in good time. She has been having some problems lately so all the neighbors keep an eye on her while she is outdoors. Paid off this time as three of us were with her within a minute or two. She has had surgery to set the break and is doing oK.

Had a good speaker at the last club meeting. Lots of beautiful old quilts as well as some neat stories about the quilts. Had a pot luck lunch which went over well.

Must get to re-arranging some dust.

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