Friday, September 08, 2006

Busy Week

Not a lot of time to work on fun things this week. Pear tree is getting ripe so have been preserving the fruit. Oh my gosh, I think there must be 25 bushel on it this season. Neighbors will love me or hate me depending on how many pears they get.

Found some new stick on foam shapes at craft shop, think they will work well on postcards. Assuming I add some jewel it glue to the backs to be sure they stay on through the mails.

Have been sorting cookbooks and parting with the ones I no longer use a lot, copying favorites out of each and putting them into a file. Making space. Now if I can convince myself to do this with some quilting books, I will make some room in my studio. Wishful thinking here.

Still haven't figured out the picture downloading. Am keeping trying though.

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