Friday, September 01, 2006

Its Friday already

Haven't accomplished a lot the last couple days. Took some excess "stuff" to town to a gal who puts it on ebay for us. Took hubby for checkup on his foot, all is going nicely, thank you!!!

Today I traced all the templates onto fusible web and have them cut out ready to fuse to the fabrics this weekend. Hope to accomplish that tomorrow.

Sent out 35 postcards, wish I could figure out how to get pictures up, but so far they will not load. Not sure what I am doing wrong as I get the box that says brouse and when I try to transfer the photo it doesn't go.

Was another beautiful day here today. Cool and crisp, a treat after all the heat this summer. Supposed to rain tonight, so hope they know what they are talking about, we need the moisture.

Pear tree is almost ready to pick. Hate the thought of preserving the pears, but they do taste good in the winter time. Also am anxious to make a pear pie. They are yummy.

Thats all for now. Good night.


Sue said...

It sounds like you have been incredibly busy! The homemade pear pie sounds especially enticing. I going to make sure my husband doesn't find out about that!

Jo said...

Hi Sue, maybe I should send you the recipe.