Monday, September 04, 2006

Cutting complete

Spent yesterday afternoon and most of today finishing cutting out the fused pieces for the fund raiser quilt. Now to get it on the quilt backing center and get the first stitching done.

Next step will be to get a drawing done of all the detail work and get it stamped onto the applique pieces. Will make a tracing paper copy, then run through it with an unthreaded sewing machine needle. Use the heat eraseable marking powder to get all the detail marked , then get ready to start the quilting.

Still have not mastered how to get pictures on here, but hope to figure it out soon.

Beautiful day here in the middle of the country. Sunshine, cool breeze and mild temperatures.

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Elaine Adair said...

Hi Joan:

Glad to see your BLOG. Now that I have a whole month's experience, I have solved some BLOG problems. One think I learned is to keep your cache cleared, and your posting may show up and not be 'lost'. -- it did for me.

Photos - another challenge, but I did it, even including my own photo.

Keep it up, and will be happy to see the actual projects.

Elaine in Alliance