Saturday, January 24, 2009

I'm back finally

In my last post I showed you a photo of the kitty that came to our house. Well no one has claimed her so I guess she is ours. When she is sleeping, at first glance, you think there is a skunk laying there. You can see her lovely colors from the top down. She hasn't earned a name as of yet, but "stinker" is beginning to rise to the top of the list. grin
I found the kitty screen prints in a pile of quilt "stuff"-- I had forgotten I had them. so now they are in a small wall quilt. The second is the progressive with the border added and quilting completed. This was done with a friend from Las Vegas. Her group was doing the individual progressives, so I did it with her.
Will actually try to get more up on here in the next days. Its snowing outdoors and supposed to do so until Monday, so doubt I will be outside a lot. Enjoy the photos.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

pretty kitty

Anyone want a pretty kitty, this little sweetie showed up on our porch a couple weeks ago, I hope she has a home and will go back to it!!! I don't need another kitty, but we will put out food and water so it eats and she can sleep in the shelter we have set up for strays.
She is tame though and tries to come inside, so we figure she was originally someones pet. Have a picture up in the post office asking if she belongs to anyone. Sure hope she does as she is a beautiful cat.

New painted pieces

These are the new pieces I painted the last few days. I used the air brush paint to do these. I love the colors that came out and added some pearl to some of the pieces for glitz. I did find out that the pearl pieces need to be heat set from the back side first, then turned over and using a teflon sheet, iron on the front side.
I stacked some in the same curing cups also, it caused a bit of bleeding onto the fabrics below, but I rather like the results.
The pieces with black in turned out kind of neat too (my opinion here--grin) Now to figure out something to make using the fabrics. Next time more yellow/oranges.


I got this small quilt from my friend in Las Vegas for Christmas. I love it, such a neat idea to use the ribbon crossing over the pieces and then adding bling to it. Thank you so much Shirley, its hanging in the living room.