Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Flapper

This is called The Flapper. I found this design on an iron railing down in Oklahoma. Took a picture and then worked this design up using that as inspiration. It traveled in the Hoffman Challenge show for a year.

Haven't gotten time to write anything here for a while. Last week was busy, had to check out Country Traditions new shop in Fremont. Its nice, large and will have nice classrooms when they get finished.

Aurora quilt show was good, as usual. We went down on Saturday to see the quilts. Bought a few tickets on their small raffle items and won a kitty kit. So made that trip even nicer because I will have a memory quilt. Checked out the Picket Fence quilt shop in Aurora. Then on to York to the quilt shop and had lunch at Chances R. Thats always good.

Shirley is back from Nevada for a visit. Monday we had a visit day, Tuesday was quilt guild workday and today Shirley and I went to see Material Girls new shop. WOW, I love it. If you haven't gotten to see it yet, be sure to make the trip. Lots of samples that are well lit, lots of space to browse the fabrics, books, patterns , etc. etc. They are hanging our raffle quilt for a couple weeks.

So did not have much time to devote to the blog. Hopefully will find a bit more time this coming week.

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Elaine Adair said...

My gosh - I wonder if I'll ever get to visit shopS, -- plural! Sounds like fun to me.

Love that Flapper - how clever!