Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Hello,   I am still alive.   Life through a curve last fall and has been hectic since.   DH fell and broke hip plus some other issues popped up so I haven't been able to do much beside take care of him.    So nothing new to show on the site.    Maybe soon can actually find out if I remember how to use the sewing machine.    But do not totally give up on me.   I'm hoping spring will be better and I can sew again.   

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R & E said...

It happens all around us these days - hang in there, keep your Dh doing his recommended therapy!

I have not been very good with blog posting - seems everyone knows how to do all this quilting now - we are overloaded with books, magazines, blogs, Facebook, etc. Oh well, I'm still having fun with my projects. 8-)))

Good luck - I am thinking of you!

Elaine Adair, in Alliance where we are expecting a blizzard (??) with 6-12 in. of snow. Shoot - I was almost thru chopping the last glacier in our yard!