Saturday, August 06, 2016

Isn't this a great quilt.    My friend Marie made it.   When she first finished the top the center made a mountain.     Ok ok  so it popped up a bit,   then she redid the center and completed the quilt.  It won ribbons at the local quilt show and at the state fair quilt show.     So congratulations to a proud friend.
I've considered doing this quilt, but kind of put it on delay as it would take real concentration to keep all the pieces in place.   
      a busy week of Dr appointments for DH and garden produce needed attention.    The only quilting I accomplished this week was to work on a small wall quilt.     Wish me luck on this.    
     Now the Olympics are on and I do enjoy watching the gymnastics and the swimming.    Occasionally some of the other things, but those are my favorites.   

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