Monday, May 19, 2008

trunk show

Traveled this past weekend. Presented trunk show and did a class for the Panhandle Guild. What a fun day that was. I so enjoy going out there as there are so many talented quilters in the group. the show and tell was wonderful. Hope they thought the trunk show was Ok too and that the class learned to do the ironworks technique. Had a minor glitch when some of the fusible web was to narrow, but thats life. It all worked out in the end. some beautiful pieces were started and lots were ready to layer and quilt by the end of the day.
Stayed with a friend (wonderful quilter and member of the guild) and enjoyed a beautiful sunrise at her home. She lives on a hill with a beautiful view of the valley. The birds were singing while the sun came up. So peaceful. Thanks Jan
Saw several other of the members that I know from previous state guild meetings and met others who I hope I will see again in July at State meeting.
Sorry no photo's as I forgot my camera. Oh well.
Hope to have some photos to post soon, so don't give up on me.


Elaine Adair said...

Thanks so much for coming all the way out here! Ya gotta love teaching to travel this far! My project is near completion.

All your art-y quilts and projects inspired me to see if we can't get some ARTY members of the Guild working in that direction. I'll write you directly and maybe you can get me pointed in the right direction.

Jo said...

Hi Elaine, hope the sources I sent will help you get an art group started, its so fun to experiment with new techniques. Really enjoy your guild, everyone is so upbeat and willing to try new things. Thanks for having me out to the meeting.