Saturday, May 31, 2008

May take it further

For my May take it further challenge I resorted to the color bar. The star points are made from the one seam flying geese technique and the center is a dimensional cathedral window block. I found I am NOT a pastel person.
This is a last minute piece as we had a flash flood Thursday night (in fact two--first at 10:30PM and again at 2:30 AM Friday morning.) A second cloud burst sent the little creek a block behind us into a roaring river twice in one night. We had ground water seepage into the basement and lost our fence, but at least we didn't get water in the house.
Anyway I finished on time.


Elaine Adair said...

I was just admiring a pattern in the new issue of Quiltmaker, and lo and behold, YOU are the designer, and a winner of a contest at that!

Great quilt!

Jo said...

Hi, yeah isn't it amazing? grin. I knew it was going to be in, but there was a chance it would get bumped for lack of pages. Really am pleased with the way this design turned out.