Tuesday, August 21, 2007

still kickin'

Ok, I know I haven't gotten anything written in two weeks again!!!! This summer is still the pits, however, have been busy with lots of Non-Quilting Stuff!!!
Did get to the Tims Seminar last week though. What an eye opening experience. Learned a lot from the presentations by Ricky, Alex and Libby. Now to find time to actually put some of those new ideas into practice. So keep watching and hopefully will have something new up soon.

I have two projects from State Meeting to finish. They are close to done, but still haven't strung enough time together to accomplish this. Soon I hope.

went to Norfolk meeting last night. Oh my it rained, wind and some hail. Thought we might have to swim home. The wet pavement quit about 2 or 3 miles out of town, so wasn't a big deal to get home. Not one drop here. Thats OK though as we didn't need a storm. seems the front split and some went south and some north.

Need to go cook something.

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