Sunday, May 20, 2007


Ah spring is finally here when the fern patch is growing, the iris and phlox are in bloom. Thought I would share a few flower pictures with you all. These are also inspiration for use in the quilts I do.

The fern patch is all along the north side of my studio. Its about 10 ft wide and 30 foot long. They really are a sight when fully grown later in the season.

Iris are my favorite flowers ---however so many winter killed this season. Not sure I will replant as it gets harder to do the work every year.

The phlox were started from plants across the street before they tore the house down and destroyed all the plants there. They spread a bit more every year. This type grows about 3 foot high. Someone told me they were wild phlox, but do not know if this is true.

Haven't gotten a lot of stitching done lately, but have been sketching in my sketchbooks. Mostly haven't decided what to do with black and white quilts. Think I may do one of each and just name them Negative and Positive. What do you think?

Its been beautiful weather here the last days. into the 80 degree range during the daytime and 50 ish overnight.

The wild mama kitty brought her babies to our garage, when they get a bit older will take the mama to the vet and get her spayed and give the kittens to humane society to find homes. We will take her back and continue to feed and care for her. I finally tamed her enough to pet her, so shouldn't have to much trouble catching her when the time comes to take her in. She has two black/gray kittens and one bright orange kitten. Cute little things and want to get them good homes.

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