Sunday, May 13, 2007

Mothers Day

Exploding Bear Paw #2 This is a plaid version of the exploding bear paw (blue and white) that I have posted earlier. This is such a fun quilt to do, may have to make one more so all my kids get one of these quilts.

Happy Mothers Day to all Mom's --Will be rather quiet around here as yesterdays graduations will serve for Mothers Day visits too.

This is OK with me as I am a bit tired too.

Will be a beautiful day here in central USA. Actually will be a bit to warm as temps are to be in the 90's. To hot for me, but we don't control the weather.

Want to spend a part of today trying to cut something out. Wrist is still giving me problems, but it slowly is getting better.


Elaine Adair said...

Welcome back -- knew you were somewhere else. Was thinking you had gotten caught in the tornado weather a while ago.

Jo said...

Actually was close, as I was out at Curtis at the Ag College for the Spring Fling. Got a bit hairy for a while with wind, rain and some hail. Was a fun time, check it out for next spring, first weekend of May. Plan to make it out there again. Also will be at Sandhills Guild May 17 of 08. Whole year away, but hey--