Sunday, March 04, 2007

Good News

Our retreat registration transfered to the next retreat which will be at Inspiration Hills at Inwood, Iowa. Will be the same projects as last weekend and about the same travel distance. So the 22-24 with get to play. Whew. Just hope we aren't jinxing them and that we will NOT have another snow storm then.

The first card (apologize the photo isn't really sharp) was done by grating crayon, then covering with a teflon sheet and pressing to melt the colors together. Kind of line the way it turned out.

The second was for a "fortune cookie" theme. Took 2 circles of fabric and stitched around, made a slit in the one on the inside and turned, then stitched around with satin stitch. Folded like a fortune cookie and took an actual fortune from a fortune cookie and put it inside the "cookie" Then took clear glue and brushed the paper fortune so it was "stuck" to the background fabric and couldn't tear off.

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