Friday, December 28, 2007

More frost pictures

The large evergreen is across the street.
The wire roll is across our back lot line.

Looking up into the trees in our front yard.

Tree in our front yard. The thickness of the frost was just amazing. Looked like it was snowing when it came off later in the day.

frosty morining

This is the frost on the small tree by the post office across the street. The frost is at least an inch thick on all the branches. The whole town looked like this. You can see the tree in the background is totally frost covered too.
Sure was a frosty, picture postcard scene. Went out to take some pictures and about froze. It was still quite foggy, cold and penetrated. My fingers were numb when I came in. Will try to put some more pictures up later.

Thursday, December 27, 2007

Frosty Morning

A beautiful frosty morning outdoors. All the trees and bushes were about an inch thick with frost. It was foggy all night so the buildup on the trees was spectacular. Took some pictures but can't seem to get them to transfer over to the blog. Will have to work on that some.

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas

Its snowing!!! I think there was some icing before it started to snow so will probably be very slick tomorrow morning.
Had dinner with Cindy and family, a nice visit and then home again. Ham, potato casserole, sweet potatoes, fruit plate, and of course Christmas cookies and cherry cheesecake. Oh my, how good. Of course there was a plate sent home, so will have leftovers tomorrow.
Yumm yummm

Monday, December 24, 2007

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve, ah yes, Christmas. Tomorrow we will go to DD's for gathering. Looking forward to a nice day. Weather people are saying maybe snow flurries, but not to be a lot of snow. YEA. We were lucky and missed the last weekends snow storm. Not by much, but it missed us. Not crying as we must have around 6" of the white stuff on the ground already.

My chooseday challenge is done for December. We were to make something with the theme "opposite". I had a lot of ideas, but ended up going with black/white. Mainly because the one I was trying out didn't work. that was clear/fog. Oh well will work on that a bit more in the new year and see if I can make it work out. some other themes I thought about were, thick/thin, visible/invisible, in/out, back/forth, wet/dry, dark/light, expand/contract, hot/cold, big/little, happy/sad, laugh/cry, sunshine/shadow/ winter/summer, spring/fall. All seemed like viable subjects and I will keep them all on file for future projects.
this piece was done by free cutting the shapes for the pieces. Hand appliqueing the black fabric onto the print, then hand putting the beads in place. The quilting is on the black and approximately 1/4" apart. I finished by sitching around, making a slit in the backing and turning, then fusing a piece of fabric over the slit. Quilted 1/4" from edge to make it look like a binding. I really like that way of finishing small pieces.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Thursday, December 20, 2007


Christmas is getting closer. Finished the cookies yesterday and today need to make fudge, then all is ready. Well as ready as it will ever get. Haven't had time to stitch as its been to busy. However have several things that will be done by the new year. The chooseday challenge is on the drawing board and fabric is pulled. Will not take overly long to complete, but just need to do it.
New computer came to live at my house. Now it is getting used to it. Will take a bit to accomplish that. Large flat screen isn't hard to get used to.
Merry Christmas to any and all who read this.

Thursday, December 13, 2007


Now there is something new. ME thinking???? oh well, have been trying to come up with something for the new word of the month. "opposite" now how am I going to portray that one? black/white, thick/thin, visible/invisible, male/female, in/out, up/down, back/forth, dry/wet, dark/light, oh my so many ideas.
Have a couple preliminary sketches made up, and now will have to really think about trying to do one. Stay tuned to see what happens.

We missed the ice this weekend. Did add a bit of snow again, but all in all not bad. Melted a little today, off the streets that is. Supposed to get colder again tomorrow, but hey, we all cannot have the "global warming" ----Actually its been colder here this year than in probably 10 + years.
So it goes.
More on this later.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

let it snow

Its snowing again today. supposed to do the same tomorrow, Monday and Tuesday. yuck. Oh well, good to be able to stay in the house.

This is a small kokopelli I did for a challenge list. the word we had to work with was "connected", so I "connected" the segments of this small hanging with thread. The outline of kokopelli was done with glue and gloss powder, I think it makes him look like he is floating above the landscape.

This months word is "opposite" so I have several sketches and now have to decide what to do with it.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Ice Storm

We had a nice little ice storm over the weekend. The picture is the tree by our back door. The ice was Saturday and I took the picture on Monday morning. Brrrrr. The scene is made from a kit that I bought at Curtis last spring while we were there for the spring fling. Was fun to do and now wish I had done it sooner. I painted the windows and street lights with glue and then put gold powder over it so the windows really look like they have lights in them.