Saturday, November 11, 2006


A while since I wrote anything. Elections are over (thank goodness) the locals went the way I hoped and we still have a very good town board. Whew. So many half truths and outright lies from the opposition. Thankfully people saw through the garbage and re-elected the good guys.

Quilt is coming along. I'm enjoying the process and hope it turns out like planned, came up with a cool (at least I think so) background quilting design that is a combination of McTavishing and feathers. Hope it keeps going well.

Finished my Norfolk challenge and the tulip stained glass from retreat. Feels good to accomplish something for a change. Seems like I have been spinning my wheels all fall.

Signed up to go to Ricky Tims seminar in Omaha next August. Should be a fun 2 1/2 days. Of course its just a couple weeks after state meeting so will be a busy time.

Colder today, a bit of snow covering the ground yesterday but it melted quickly.