Monday, May 04, 2009

top done

Yea, the top is done. I used a cut and slice 9 patch block to start this. I stacked 12" squares. Cut the squares into 3 equal divisions. (4") in both directions. (9 squares) then using alternating squares formed 2- 9 patch blocks, one with lights for 5 squares and one with dark for 5 squares, opposite 4 dark squares with the lights and 4 light squares with the dark. Sewed the 9 patches together. Then cut to the right and the left of the center square at 2". (full length of the block) moved those strips aside then cut 2" from the center square to the top and bottom, next mixed up the pieces and re-assembled blocks by sewing to top and bottom first then to sides. Next squared blocks up. for this one added a 1 and 1/2" strip between blocks. try this its like eating "chocolate". Have a great day. sun is shining and I need to go out and plant tomato plants. Lovely fresh BLT's in a couple months.

Friday, May 01, 2009

New top

Just finished the top for my machine applique class. This will start sometime in June at the Quilt Shop. I used buttonhole/blanket stitch to do the applique, plus a straight stitch (gone over several times) for the antenna. I need to get it basted now and get it quilted so it can hang up at the shop. Felt good to actually get something done for a change. Have a couple things that will be put together as soon as I get this quilted. So be watching. Think I will quilt a circular feather or something like that in the center. Haven't decided that yet.