Saturday, November 22, 2008

project done

This is the finished leaves block from a couple weeks ago. I added thread painting to the crayon/inked leaves, then free form quilting in the center and on the border. I think it turned out OK, although I lost my path a few times while quilting. Hopefully am getting a bit better at it though. Now on to the next project, I'm on a roll!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

full block

This is the completed star candle mat. 4 hours of quilting in this. UGH, but I love it.


This is the red and cream version of the previous block. I have it completely quilted (12" and took 4 hours.) I forgot to add the complete quilted block so will make another post to include that one. The closeup shows the quilting on the 6" center of the block. What fun. Used the feather technique from Patsy Thompson DVD. If you are interested in seeing the DVD ad go to her web site. No affiliation just a happy customer.

I've actually been stitching a bit again. finally-- the heart block is for quilt guild --Each year the retiring president gets blocks. This is the official block. The green red and cream is for the Christmas block drawing. Was fun figuring out how to get a 12" block, also made another that will be posted later.

This is our rescued kitty, she was an outdoor kitty and wild as could be. When she was heavy with kittens I finally tamed her a bit. Then a few years ago we let her become an indoor kitty. I love her green eyes.

Sunday, November 09, 2008

3rd set

I really like the dimension in these two pieces too. What fun to play.
I used pfd fabric and air brush paint Createx brand. Squished into plastic containers from Dollar Store (15 for $1)

two more

Two more photo's, I love the blue/red/white one looks like mountain peaks to me.

new dyed pieces

Looks like blogspot will only add 2 pictures at a time this morning. Here are two of the new pieces. Love them. will try to upload more in different messages.

Saturday, November 08, 2008

first batch

Here is the first try using the air brush paints to dye fabric. I learned a bit and hope the ones "cooking" in the containers comes out as well. This time I tried for just mottled fabrics. the ones I am drying now are all mixed colors. They look like they will be good too, but we will see tomorrow.
this is lots easier than the dye powders and also is non toxic. Even some metallic paints, you can see the over lay in the pink fabric on the left.
Still cold and windy here, but at least the snow missed us this time.

Monday, November 03, 2008


Forgot to add this with the new block picture. This is patches, so named because her patterning reminds me of patches on a quilt. She is finally becoming a "lap cat". For the 3 years she has lived here she was very aloof. Now suddenly she has turned into a lap cat. When either of us sit down, she is immediately ready for some attention.
Ah these four legged friends--ha. She loves to sit on my sewing rocker on the "quilt afghan".

new experiment

Here is the first of experiments with crayon, color pencil, ink designs. After the leaves were completed, I then mixed some pigment ink and spritzed the background of the block plus the leaves.
I kind of like effect, however the next time I do this I will put paper over the designs and only spritz the background fabric. I think it was OK because the design was leaves so just looks like leaf spots, wouldn't work on anything else though.